Domestic Shorthair kittens


Age: 7weeks

sex: Females

The Domestic shorthair comes in a wide array of colors, sizes, and statures, though they tend to be medium-sized and muscular. They have short, sleek coats and round heads and paws. Because of their mixed parentage, Domestic Shorthairs don’t tend to be at-risk for any unusual health complications.

Animal Planet affectionately refers to Domestic shorthair cats as the mutts of the cat world because they’re a mix of various breeds, resulting in a vast range of markings, colors, and personalities. With endless color and pattern combinations, they are a rainbow of cat cuddles.

generally speaking, she falls into the medium category for height and weight, and much like her purebred, pedigreed relative, the American shorthair, the Domestic shorthair cat has a muscular build with a round face and eyes. Because she is of mixed ancestry, a Domestic may also be smaller or larger in stature, depending on her genetic makeup.

The World Cat Federation (WCF) notes that Domestics should have a balanced, solid body structure, with a head, nose, and ears that are proportionate to her body. But, as a trip to your local shelter will confirm, household cats come in many shapes and sizes.

Domestic Shorthair Information

The most popular, yet simplest of all cat breeds, is the Domestic shorthair kittens. The fact that it is not a recognized breed has not stopped people from keeping it as a pet.

They make ideal family pets and pets for first-time cat owners. Their low maintenance and friendly temperament make them ideal first pets for children.

Basic information about shorthair kittens

Firstly where do they come from

So Not to be confused with British or American Shorthairs, or any of the other “Shorthair” suffix breeds, the Domestic shorthair kittens are a non-standardized breed, unrecognized by any major cat registries.

Were Domestic Shorthair Cats Bred for a Reason?

Moreover domestic Shorthairs are common house cats that are not bred for show, but rather for companionship and vermin-catching ability.

How Many Types of Domestic Shorthair Pedigrees Are There?

There is no single breed standard for the Domestic Shorthair, therefore they come in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

Are Domestic Shorthair CatsPolydactyl?

This breed is not known for being polydactyl though the mutation can spontaneously occur in any cat breed.

Domestic Shorthair Lifespan

The lifespan of a Domestic shorthair kittens is around 12-20 years.

Domestic Shorthair Appearance

How Big Does a Domestic Shorthair Get?

8-12 inches

In addition how Much Does a Domestic Shorthair Weigh?

6-16 lbs

When Does a Domestic Shorthair Stop Growing?

18 months – 2 years

What Color Coat Does a Domestic Shorthair Have?

Domestic shorthair kittens are all colors and patterns.

Finally what Eye Colors Can a Domestic Shorthair Have?

DSH’s boast but all possible eye colors.


The personality of a domestic shorthair is as unpredictable as a human. The normal aloof, independent attitude of a feline is present, but these cats are more friendly and social, as compared to pure breeds. They exhibit distinctive behavior; some are silly and goofy, some highly intelligent and smart. They can be calm or hyper, playful, or lazy. They are not very vocal, but are known universally for their loving and caring nature.