Persian Kittens


4 months, 18 days old 

Female Pedigree Persian kitten, GCCF Registered, PKD negative, Fully vaccinated for FPV, FCV, VFR, Chlamydia, and FelV, Both parents can be seen. We are a GCCF registered breeder and all our kittens are bred and reared in the home, she will be ready to go to her new home after she has had her final vaccination and vet check at, end of April.

The Persian cat has been one of the most popular breeds for decades and for good reason. They are not only glamorous with their long, flowing, luxurious coats, but they boast having extremely sweet natures too. They are medium to large in size and although they are intelligent, they like to contemplate things before they take any action. Persians have wonderfully expressive eyes which is just one of the reasons why they have found their way into the hearts and homes of cat lovers the world over and why they have consistently remained a popular choice in the UK both as companions and family pets

History of the Persian Kittens

There’s no doubt about it, Persian Kittens are one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds.

It is not fully clear when Persian Kittens first appeared, but the first documented ancestor of this long-haired cat was in Italy in 1620.
Recent research has found that present-day Persians are in fact descended from cats bred in Western Europe rather than their Near Eastern cousins.

Today there are two main types of Persian kittens: the traditional or doll-face and the Peke-face and ultra type.

The Doll-Face is essentially the most traditional of the breed, without the extreme features of the more recently developed, flat-faced peke-face and ultra types.
In general the former is more popular amongst pet owners and the latter more favored by those who show their cats.

What Should I Get for My Persian Kitten?

So you’ve decided to get a Persian? Congratulations are in order! If you’re not sure what to buy for them though, we’re here to help.

Like most cats, the essentials are pretty much the same, but there is one really important factor when it comes to Persians: Grooming! They needs lots of grooming!

Persian kittens are gentle, quiet cats who like a serene environment and people who treat them kindly.
Unlike more athletic cats, they prefer lounging on a sofa to scaling the heights of your bookcase or fireplace mantel.
Children are acceptable to the Persian as long as they are content to simply pet him and not drag him around or dress him up.


Other Quick Facts

  • These cats have a sweet, gentle personality and is a quiet companion.
  • Persian kittens have a long, flowing coat that must be groomed daily.
  • The persian is an old breed, but little is known of its history.