Sphynx Kittens


They have just had their first injections and been vet-checked. The vet said they are all healthy kittens. Please read the full advert before messaging about him
Kitten will have both injections before leaving here
He will be microchipped
I have both parents.
He come from a busy house I have 3 children a dog and mum and dad sphynx
The vet confirmed that the kitten can leave here from the 15th of May.
No pet collection service please don’t ask about this you have to come in person to collect your kitten so please note the location is Carluke.
Sphynx cats are indoor-only cats and require bathing, ear cleaning, and a warm place to sleep. They are extremely cuddly cats that love attention


Firstly we will like you to know not all our Sphynx Kittens are posted on site. Feel free to contact us for any more information and pictures.

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The Sphynx kittens are exotic-looking medium size hairless cat and one that catches people’s attention as soon as they set eyes on them. They are quite unique with their wrinkled appearance and although they look delicate, they are in fact deceivingly heavy for their small size. Over the years, the Sphynx has found a large fan base the world over thanks to their extraordinary looks and the fact they boast such loving and loyal natures.

One of the most striking physical traits of the Sphynx kittens is their lack of coat although in reality, their bodies are covered in really soft down-like hair. Their skin has a very unique feel to it too which is often likened to that of chamois leather. They also have a little fine hair over the bridge of their noses as well as on their feet. Their tails and the back of a cat’s ears also have a little amount of hair on them.

The amount of hair or down that covers a Sphynx kittens body depends on several things which includes their hereditary predispositions as well as climate and hormones. However, although their skin feels that much warmer to the touch than other breeds, they don’t boast having a higher body temperature. Males sphynx kittens tend to be noticeably larger than their female counterparts and kittens are born extremely wrinkly, but their folds start to vanish as they mature although a few wrinkles do remain more especially on a cat’s head.

They have modified wedge-shaped heads with lovely rounded contours, very prominent cheekbones and well defined whisker pads. Muzzles are strong and rounded with cats having slightly domed heads, but with a flat plane just in front of their ears. They have straight noses with just a slight to moderate break at the bridge. Chins are strong with cats having level bites and their nose leathers and chins are in a straight line.

A Sphynx kittens has very large ears that are nicely wide open at the base before they taper to a lovely rounded tip. Ears are set a little at an angle to cat’s head so the outer base is level with the outer corner of their eyes. Their eyes are lemon shaped and large, being slightly slanted upwards to the outer edges of a cat’s ear and nicely set wide apart which adds to the breed’s exotic appearance.

They have moderately long, muscular, firm bodies with nice broad chests and abdomens. Their rumps are also muscular and nicely rounded. Necks are moderately long and very well-muscled with males being heavier than their female counterparts. Their legs are moderately long, but nicely in proportion with the rest of their bodies and well-muscled. Their back legs are a little longer than their front ones. Paws are oval shaped with a cat’s toes being long and slender. Paw pads are thick and firm resembling cushions. Their tails are long and slim, but nicely in proportion with the rest of a cat’s body being heavier at the base before tapering to the tip.

The Sphynx kittens have fine down that covers the entire body which can hardly be seen and which gives their skin a lovely warm feel. The hair on their noses can be slightly thicker on the bridge of cat’s nose, on the back of their ears and on their feet, scrotum and on their tails, only to a slightly lesser extent. They can have a certain amount of wrinkling on their muzzles, between their ears and on their shoulders. The Sphynx has very sparse eyebrows and whiskers which are short in length. They can be just about any colour which is acceptable under the GCCF breed standard.

Temperament of  Sphynx Kittens

Like a lot of other breeds, the Sphynx kittens likes a routine and doesn’t particularly like it when this changes for any reason. They like to be fed at the same time of the day and don’t appreciate it when furniture gets moved around the home which can stress them out. They are known to be one of the most affectionate cats on the planet which when paired to their intelligence makes the Sphynx a joy to share a home with. However, because they form such strong bonds with their owners, the Sphynx does not like to be apart from them for any length of time. As such they are best suited to households where at least one person stays at home when everyone else is out of the house so they are never left alone for too long.

They are also known to be extremely vocal and will hold long conversations with an owner whenever they can. They love to snuggle up at any time of the day, when they are not playing a game of fetch, that is. They are also known to be tolerant and loving around children which makes them a good choice as family pets as long as the kids know how to behave around cats. Sphynx cats are often described as being very “child-like” in their natures thanks to the fact that they love being involved in everything that goes on in their environment. They are inquisitive and like following their owners from room to room not only to be with them, but also to check out what they are doing.

The Sphynx kittens although quite demanding is easygoing when it comes to living with other pets and this includes cats and dogs. They are gregarious by nature and do not like living as an only pet much preferring to either be with others of their own kind or other pets. Because they feel the cold and are at greater risk of being sunburnt, the Sphynx is best kept as an indoor pet and only allowed outside when it is safe for them to do so. The good news is that they adapt extremely well to living as indoor pets more especially if they always have their owner’s company or that of other pets.


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